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After last September's successful inaugural meeting, the results of everyone's feedback are clear: a clear mandate to launch a national effort to create a code of ethics for educational interpreters and translators. 
The inaugural meeting provided the guidance in 4 key areas:
  1. WHAT: Participants want a national effort to create a code of ethics.
  2. HOW: Eventually, there should be a national organization to oversee the effort, but in the meantime a steering committee should jumpstart the process. 
  3. FOCUS: The main interest is in the creation of a code of ethics, with a substantial number wanting to include defining the roles of the educational interpreter and translator.
  4. ACTIVITIES: Meeting participants all supported the listserv, creating regional committees, holding regular town hall meetings and focusing on inclusion for languages of lesser diffusion and ASL interpreters moving forward. "All of the above," which included these activities, had the greatest number of responses, but each individual activity also had significant numbers choosing them as priorities.
The next step is to convene a steering committee. After gathering advice from those involved with the creation of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC's) Code of Ethics, the best advice was to simply put the call out, spread it far and wide and see who wants to join in. Over time, those who step up will help to define the administrative members and committees who will undertake the real work of researching, writing and vetting a viable, credible and valid code of ethics. 
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